Who is the Right Candidate for Face Lift Surgery?

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Face lift surgery is a highly beneficial procedure that helps eliminate that worn out, haggard facial appearance by rejuvenating the face. At present, minimally invasive procedures are available that ensure maximum safety for the patient and outstanding aesthetic results. Suitable for both men and women, this procedure is offered at reputable plastic surgery centers in Manhattan, New York, where plastic surgeons use devices such as BodyTite and Precision Tx to offer the best results. This ensures efficiency of treatment, safety and minimal recovery time.

What the Surgery Involves

Face lift involves lifting up the facial skin and muscles in order to make your facial skin smoother and tighter. The excess fat is removed through facial liposuction. You can either go for a complete face lift or choose to undergo treatment for specific parts that include the lower regions of the face, neck and the brow area.

  • Local anesthesia is sufficient to perform the procedure
  • Minimal discomfort, minimal swelling and bleeding
  • Safe and quick procedure
  • Quick return to work
  • Minimal downtime

The Ideal Candidate for Face Lift

Face lift surgery is not for everyone. Your candidacy for the procedure can be decided only by your plastic surgeon after a detailed evaluation of your current skin condition and texture. Other considerations include:

  • Elasticity of the skin: To be a candidate, you should have skin that retains some amount of flexibility. This procedure stretches the facial skin to remove deep wrinkles and lift the sagging skin. The suppler your skin the better will be the results of your face lift.
  • Bone structure: The ideal candidate for a face lift will have a well-defined underlying bone structure to support the facial alterations a surgeon may make.
  • Overall general health: You need to be free of any major medical condition, and have overall general health. This is to ensure that you heal properly and recover fast.
  • Excess skin: Saggy skin present on the face and neck can be trimmed during the face lift, and then tightened to remove wrinkles.

To be a good candidate for this rejuvenating procedure, you must have realistic expectations regarding the outcome. The procedure can make you look younger, but cannot make you look like someone else. It is important therefore that before the surgery, during your consultation with the surgeon you must discuss the results you can expect and how to maintain that.