If a doctor doesn’t specialize in fat grafting to the buttocks. Should I go to him?

Eyes Like a Fox | North Carolina, NC | 4 months ago

Dr. Christopher Chia* at bodySCULPT®‘ Answer

March 5th, 2015

Almost all qualified plastic surgeons are trained to perform fat grafting to the buttocks. However, there is a large variation in the experience any individual surgeon has with the technique. Fat grafting for buttock augmentation coupled with liposuction (Brazilian butt lift) is a cosmetic procedure and doctors who specialize in this naturally will feel most comfortable with it and can give you a reasonable expectation for the result. While a straightforward procedure, I believe it requires understanding the patients desires, investing in the right equipment and staff training, and having done a large number of cases to put the patient in the best position for a great outcome. After all this, you must feel comfortable with him or her so that you have a ‘meeting of the minds’ where your goals are the same. Good luck and I encourage you to get more than one consult.

*A leading plastic surgeon at the AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice bodySCULPT®, Dr. Christopher Chia is also a teaching faculty for ASAPS involved in teaching other physicians. With dual certification from both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Chia is committed to providing personalized care targeted at meeting the individual needs of patients.

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