Some Common Cancer Myths Debunked

Cancer Myths

Cancer claims many lives each year. The fear about getting cancer has led to many myths about the disease, both among people who are affected and those who are not. Knowing the truth is important to avoid needless worry and take the right steps to prevent occurrence or manage the condition. Here, we take a …More

Learn More about Mammograms


An important screening tool, mammography involves the use of an x-ray machine to diagnose breast diseases such as cancer. A mammogram makes diagnosis possible at an early stage, even before a cancerous tumor is felt. Early detection is crucial to prevent the spread of the disease, or at least, minimize its progression. Every woman needs …More

Advanced Stage Breast Cancer More Likely in Diabetic Women

Breast Cancer in Diabetic Women

It’s well known that uncontrolled diabetes leads to heart disease, stroke and many other medical conditions. Diabetes affects women in many ways, causing difficulties during pregnancy such as a miscarriage or affecting the unborn child. Diabetic women are also at greater risk of a heart attack at a younger age, than women without diabetes. There’s … More

Plastic Surgery Offers Hope for New Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

Most women diagnosed with breast cancer undergo mastectomy or removal of the breast as part of the treatment. While plastic surgery can help rebuild the breast, many patients find it difficult to make the decision to have additional surgery. They also worry about recovery after breast reconstruction surgery and how it would affect their lifestyle. …