Simple Tips to Cope With Stress

Simple Tips to Cope With Stress

Stress is part of life and everybody can feel stressed at some point of their life. Managing stress is important for a healthy and peaceful life. Here are some simple strategies that can prevent stress from taking over. The most important thing is to be physically active. Make exercise a part of your daily routine …More

Study Reveals the Dangers of Poor Sleep among Teens

Poor Sleep among Teens

Many teens have sleep problems and this is having a negative impact on their physical, mental and emotional health. According to a new study by researchers at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), teens who experience sleep problems and longer sleep duration are more reactive to stress and this could contribute to academic, behavioral and …More

Sleeping Well Important for Skin Health


A good night sleep plays a critical role in many vital functions including immune function, memory, learning and metabolism. Sleep deprivation leads to tiredness which impacts a person’s judgment, problem-solving and creativity. Studies have linked chronic sleep deprivation to medical problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and immune deficiency. But did you know that skin … More