What does Healthy Weight actually mean?

Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is important to stay healthy. Gaining unhealthy weight increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious health conditions. So, what does “Healthy weight” actually mean? For adults, healthy weight is defined as the appropriate …More

How Running Has a Positive Impact on Your Life

Running Has a Positive Impact on Your Life

The benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. There are many types of exercises, but running offers the most benefits as it can make you look better, improve your physical wellbeing, and boost your mood. Even running moderately every day can have remarkable impact on your health. It’s an exercise that doesn’t cost much …More

Celebrate Women’s Healthy Weight Day on January 23

Women's Healthy Weight Day

Women’s Healthy Weight Day is celebrated on January 23, 2016. The goal of this observance is to spread the awareness among women about the importance of developing healthy life style habits and maintaining a healthy weight. While learning to love and appreciate their bodies, women also need to understand what a healthy weight means and …More