Functional Eyelid Surgery for Older Adults

Eyelid Surgery

With age, the upper and lower eyelid tissues begin to relax. Excess skin on the lower eyelid causes wrinkles and bulges. On the upper eyelids, an extra fold of skin can hang over the eyelashes and disrupt vision. These changes may be accelerated by sun exposure, allergies or recurrent swelling that result in stretching of … More

Resolving Breast-related Back Pain

Breast-related Back Pain

Women with excessively large breasts often complain of back pain. In fact, several studies indicate that excessively large breasts can cause several clinical aches and pains. Upper back pain is generally the result of strain on the muscles and ligaments, repetitive motions and poor posture. However, for women with very large breasts, the weight of… More

Facial Rejuvenation: Options to Keep Your Face Looking Young

According to an article published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), women prefer a younger looking face over a more youthful looking body. A national survey conducted last year by Botox manufacturer Allergan found that almost 60% of women respondents chose a more youthful-looking face to a more youthful-looking body. The reason, …

Plastic Surgery Offers Hope for New Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

Most women diagnosed with breast cancer undergo mastectomy or removal of the breast as part of the treatment. While plastic surgery can help rebuild the breast, many patients find it difficult to make the decision to have additional surgery. They also worry about recovery after breast reconstruction surgery and how it would affect their lifestyle. …