When will extreme swelling (from BBL) in buttocks go down so I feel comfortable leaving the house?

Cute tum | Los Angeles, CA | 4 months ago

Hi! I had a bbl performed five days ago. The lipo sites are doing fine, but my bottom is so huge that I’m embarrassed to leave the house. I only had 200 ccs in each side, so I know it’s swelling and not fat graft making it look huge. My children are laughing at it, my husband is freaked out. I understand that it can take up to a year for swelling to subside, but I want to know when the majority will go down so that I can get back to my life. So worried, considering sitting on it to kill the fat!

Dr. Christopher Chia* at bodySCULPT®‘ Answer

March 3rd, 2015

As your surgeon probably pointed out, more fat is injected than is needed because no matter how carefully and technically advanced the fat is transferred from one place to another, a certain percentage will not survive over the long term. Also, in the short term (as you’ve noticed) there is swelling simply from the injection of the fat. The swelling is mostly visibly resolved in about 4-6 weeks (although you correctly noted it may take longer for all of it to go away) leaving a reasonably good estimation of the early fat ‘take’. The total volume may go down over the next few months then settle in the final volume. Please don’t do anything at this early juncture to encourage fat destruction since you have time for everything to settle down and good luck.

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