Breast Augmentation – A Key Element in the Mommy Makeover

Breast AugmentationThe happiest moment in a woman’s life is when she becomes a mother. During pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to lose your natural body contour as the breasts increase in size to allow breastfeeding, leading to sagginess when the skin stretches. The most common issues post-pregnancy are breast volume loss, breast sagging, stretch marks, difficult to lose/ extra fat, muscle separation/ abdominal bulge and loose skin. To address all the aesthetic concerns associated with pregnancy and help women get back in shape, leading Manhattan plastic surgery practices offer the mommy makeover. Breast augmentation is a key element in this combination of procedures which may include liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and more.

The mommy makeover is a good option if pregnancy has badly affected your physical appearance, or if you are unhappy about your sagging tummy and fat pockets in the thighs, flanks, and posterior that do not improve with diet and exercise. The combination treatments can restore a woman’s youthful appearance. Today, more and more women after 35 are opting to go in for a mommy makeover to restore their pre-pregnancy shape.

Breast augmentation can restore volume lost after pregnancy. Sagging breasts are a common issue during pregnancy and breastfeeding as the skin stretches to allow breast growth. Unlike fat, sagginess is impossible to remove with exercise and diet, and to correct the problem, plastic surgeons perform breast lift surgery. Breast augmentation can address loss of volume and when performed along with a breast lift provides a fuller and more youthful bust line.

Having plastic surgery to get back in shape after pregnancy could be a great investment because it offers a quick fix as well as lasting results. Moreover, new technologies allow surgeons to provide great results with minimal scarring.

Make sure that you maintain a healthy diet and also exercise regularly to lose your post pregnancy weight before you go ahead with the procedure. More importantly, make sure that you are done with having children because becoming pregnant again can compromise the results achieved. You will need support or help from someone for some days because you have to take complete rest after the procedure. Make sure you have someone to take care of your children and home.

In Manhattan, breast augmentation and other procedures in the mommy makeover are available in AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practices. Such practices would have trained and experienced plastic surgeons who can provide safe and effective body contouring. A professional plastic surgeon will tailor your treatment plan to meet your specific needs.