Cheek Augmentation

bodySCULPT® is an established plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City (NYC) offering comprehensive and specialized plastic surgery procedures for men and women. We utilize advanced resources to meet your diverse facial rejuvenation goals. If the fullness of your cheeks has diminished due to aging or other reasons, cheek augmentation would be an ideal alternative to consider. The procedure can also help you achieve more defined cheek bones. If you also need to improve a weak or recessive chin, you can opt for chin enhancement.

Improve Overall Facial Symmetry

At bodySCULPT®, we utilize both conventional and advanced cheek augmentation techniques to improve overall facial harmony. The procedure can be performed using two methods

  • The placement of an implant (via an incision in the mouth)
  • Fat grafting (using your own fat)

Our plastic surgeons use a variety of advanced synthetic and non-synthetic implant materials for jaw reshaping. From the wide choice of implant types available, our surgeon will choose the one that best suits your facial structure. This procedure may be combined with fat-grafting to enhance the results.

Our cheek augmentation procedures are safe and effective, and you can resume normal activities within a few days after the surgery.

Personalized Cheek Augmentation Solutions

At bodySCULPT®, we listen to your concerns and ideas and will develop a customized treatment plan. At the initial consultation, the surgeon will evaluate the conditions you want to address, evaluate your goals, and recommend the right treatment approach to meet your objectives.

Our surgeons perform chin augmentation surgery alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenating procedures such as face lift, chin augmentation, or blepharoplasty to restore your facial looks. Our team of plastic surgeons and caring and compassionate staff members pay the utmost attention to patient comfort, safety and personalized care – from start to full recovery.

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If you have any questions regarding our cheek augmentation procedure, please feel free to ask, and you can rely on us for satisfactory answers. Call 1-800-282-7285 or e-mail us at to schedule an appointment for cheek augmentation surgery.