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Adjustable depth fractional radiofrequency combined with bipolar radiofrequency: A minimally invasive combination treatment for skin laxity

Authors: Dayan, Chia, Burns, Theodorou

Summary: Description of combined morpheus and bodytite/facetite treatment in respective areas. Manuscript discusses RF technology, patient selection, treatment parameters, pearls/pitfalls, and results.

Status: Published; Aesthetic Surgery Journal April 8 2019

Radiofrequency treatment of Labia Minor and Majora: a minimally invasive approval to vulva restoration

Authors: Dayan, Ramirez, Theodorou

Summary: A single surgeon series of labia minora and majora treatment using RF between April 2018-October 2018.10 consecutive patients were treated. Mean age was 44 with average 2 pregnancies. 3 patient were treated with aesthetic concerns, 3 for functional complaints, and 4 desired improvement in both. Overall graded improvement in labia size/contour was +50% (STD +/- 15.3). Patient satisfaction scale data demonstrated 9.5/10 (+/- 1.7). All patients stated that they would undergo treatment again. In all cases surgeon observed tightening of clitoral hood, Introits, forchett, as well as improvement distribution of dark pigmentation of labia minora. There were not significant complications reported and no need for additional procedures.

Status: Accepted; Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Global Open March 29, 2019

The Role of Radiofrequency (Votiva, InMode) in Pelvic Floor Restoration

Authors: Dayan, Ramirez, Westfall, Theodorou

Summary: Retrospective study on 50 consecutive women at least 6 weeks postvaginal delivery who were treated with radiofrequency (Votiva, InMode) for pelvic floor dysfunction. Resting pelvic floor muscle tone and maximal pelvic floor contraction were measured (UROstym). Average age was 32 (29-40) and average number of pregnancies was 2.6 with 1.8 being vaginal. No statistically significant changes were found in resting pelvic muscle tone after Votiva treatment. However, the quantity of treatments impacted the mean values of maximal pelvic floor contraction ([<0.001). Patients felt subjective improvement correlated to number of treatments.

Status: Published; Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Global Open April 2019

Multimodal Radiofrequency Application for Lower Face and neck Laxity: Subdermal Adipose Remodeling (SAR) and Fibro Septal network contraction

Authors: Dayan, Rovatti, Aston, Burns, Rohrich, Theodorou

Summary: 247 patients were treated between January 2013-December 2018 using combination modality radio frequency for lower face and neck laxity. Average age was 55.1 (STD +/-8), Patients were average 3.1 Baker Face Neck Classification (STD +/- 1.4). 97.2% of patients had procedure under tumescent local anesthesia. Patients objectively improved their Baker Face Neck Classification by 1.4 points (STD +/- 1.1). 93% of patients were pleased with their results and would undergo the procedure gain. Average followup time was 2.1 years. Complications included prolonged swelling >6 weeks (4.8%), hardened area >12 weeks (3.2%), and marginal mandibular neuropraxia (1.2%) all of which resolved without further intervention.

Status: Post-revision, in press Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Global Open

Aesthetic Applications of Radiofrequency: Lymphatic & Perfusion assessment

Authors: Dayan, Burns, Rohrich, Theodorou

Summary: Single site study of 63 patients from January 2019-April 2019 demonstrating maintenance of adequate dermal lymphatic drainage using indocyanine green lymphangiography post radiofrequency treatment. Study also showed maintained perfusion using vivosight OCT as well as intravascular indocyanine green injection pre and post radiofrequency treatment. Findings suggest that fractional and bipolar radiofrequency in combination has no adverse impact on lymphatic drainage or perfusion.

Status: submitted, pending revision Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The Use of Radiofrequency in Aesthetic Surgery

Authors: Dayan, Burns, Rohrich, Theodorou

Summary: Literature review of radiofrequency device use in aesthetic surgery describing mechanism of different types of RF, techniques, results, and rate of adverse events.

Status: submitted, pending revision Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Combination EMS and Bipolar Radiofrequency (Evolve) – putting together prelim abstract on combination of EMS and RF

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