Patients’ Say

Petra Khashoggi

Morpheus8 Full Face/Neck Procedure

Before the Procedure

“InMode are the leaders in fractionated radio frequency and they actually developed this technology, Morpheus8, which I'd heard about quite a while ago from one of my friends. It goes deeper and the results are phenomenal, so I'm really excited to try it. The other reason why it appeals to me is that it's very safe. Morpheus8 goes deeper and works with the foundation and the structure of the skin. And also I've heard that the downtime is minimal. I can go out, put makeup on in 48 hours, so I won't be stuck at home recovering for however many weeks.”

Post procedure

“It was over very quickly and Doctor T did a great job. He made me feel very at ease. It wasn't painful. The only area that I got a little bit of a shock was the eyes, but other than that it was fine. It was great. I'm excited to see the results.”

Petra Khashoggi

I had a wonderful experience at Body Sculpt for my liposuction procedure on my arms. Dr. Theodorou made me feel 100% comfortable before, during, and after surgery. He is meticulous with his work and gave me the beautifully sculpted arms that I have always wanted. I am so happy with my results!


Dr. Theodorou & Team, You Have Completely & Totally Changed My Life & My Self Confidence. I'm Eternally Grateful To All Of You For Your Expertise, Kindness & Endless Support. With All My Love,


After my divorce to my husband I decided to invest in myself with a "body touchup". I was new to the world of lifts & tucks and did tons of research. I finally put my trust in Dr Chia and was so glad I did. His expert knowledge, attention to my body detail and the quality of my care were amazing. I recommend Dr. Chia to the world!! He is a gifted body sculpturing artist in his Medical profession. WOW. I'm in my late forties and I totally look early thirties. I knocked 15yrs off. The lift I needed to get "back in the game" and 15yrs tucked away to keep me in the game. Thank you Dr. Chia.!!!