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bodySCULPT® is the only BodyTite certified center of distinction in Manhattan, NYC. This FDA cleared liposuction device uses patented RFAL™ (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) technology. It delivers radiofrequency energy to liquefy subcutaneous fat, coagulate blood vessels, and tighten the skin. BodyTite liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia and allows the patient to be awake during the procedure.

Our plastic surgeons Dr Spero Thedorou and Dr Christopher Chia, are recognized as the inventors of the Scarless Arm Lift (BodyTite on Arms). This revolutionary procedure removes unwanted fat and tightens sagging skin to provide you with smooth, well-shaped arms.

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BodyTite Male Abdomen Liposuction

BodyTite Male Abdomen Liposuction

BodyTite Knee Liposuction

BodyTite Knee Liposuction



RFAL for Arm Contouring

Radiofrequency-assisted Liposuction for Arm Contouring


Scarless Arm Lift using BodyTite

Scarless Arm Lift using BodyTite

FAQ - BodyTite™

Q: What is BodyTite™?

A: BodyTite™ is an innovative device from Invasix that uses radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to effectively remove unhealthy and unwanted fat from various parts of the body. The procedure is also effective for cellulite reduction.

Q: What are the benefits of RFAL?

  • Safe, quick treatment
  • Better body contouring results
  • Effective skin tightening
  • No pain, scars, surgical trauma or recovery downtime
  • Faster recovery
  • Lesser downtime
  • Enhanced soft-tissue contraction capabilities

Since the fat is melted before extraction, the removal of fat is a far less traumatic process, greatly reducing post-procedural pain, swelling or discomfort.

Q: What areas can be treated?

A: The device is ideal to treat different body areas including the waist or (love handles), chin, inner and outer thighs, hips, abdomen, ankles, back, arms, neck, and knees.

Q: Is this type of liposuction safer than the traditional procedure?

A: This FDA-approved procedure is a safe alternative to traditional liposuction. Performed under local anesthesia or light sedation, this virtually painless procedure offers advantages in terms of safety and comfort.

At bodySCULPT®, our plastic surgeons are experts in performing radiofrequency liposuction and they focus on ensuring patient comfort, safety and personalized care every step of the way.

To see the impressive transformations our surgeons have made with BodyTite liposuction, view our online gallery of before-and-after photos.

Q: What does the procedure involve?

A: The BodyTite™ device uses patented RFAL™ (Radio Frequency Assisted Liposculpting) technology to safely & gently melt and remove excess fat through a cannula inserted via a small incision. The surrounding tissues are unaffected thereby minimizing bleeding and trauma. The risk of complications is minimal as the device is designed to provide the surgeon with immediate feedback on the skin temperature and the progress of the treatment.

BodyTite's gentle and deep heating will provide body tightening effects and takes only a short time to complete and involves minimal downtime. The procedure typically takes about 30 - 45 minutes, depending upon the complexity and the number of areas treated.

Q: How long will it take to see the results?

A: Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 6-12 weeks.

Q: What makes the recovery faster?

A: You can return to your normal activities a few days after the treatment. The BodyTite™ hand-piece is designed to be minimally invasive, ensuring skin tightening with virtually no scarring and no stitches required. This makes the recovery process even quicker.

Q: Just like other liposuction procedures, can BodyTite liposuction be combined with fat transfer?

A: Those undergoing BodyTite™ liposuction can also opt to have a fat transfer procedure simultaneously. Women can choose to enhance their buttocks with the extracted fat.

bodySCULPT® plastic surgeons are specialized performing fat transfer procedures along with liposuction. They combine these cosmetic procedures safely and effectively to improve your overall body contour.

Q: Why consider BodyTite liposuction at bodySCULPT® ?

Our plastic surgeons have performed the largest number of BodyTite™ procedures in the United States. With us, you can also benefit from -

  • Use of local anesthesia
  • Personalized treatment
  • Friendly staff
  • Individual attention and care throughout and after the procedure.

BodyTite™ - Before & After Photos

Skilled liposuction surgeons at bodySCULPT® utilize the advanced, radiofrequency assisted BodyTite™ device to provide amazing fat removal and skin tightening results for their patients. Manufactured by Invasix, BodyTite™ can effectively treat any body area where there are excess fat deposits.

The procedure offers several advantages over traditional surgery such as – less invasive, skin contraction, improved safety and no general anesthesia. Experienced in handling this innovative device, our surgeons have successfully treated many patients to provide aesthetically appealing results.

The before and after photos given below show typical results of a BodyTite™ liposuction surgery performed at our practice. Results may vary from patient to patient.

BodyTite - Patient 1
BodyTite - Patient 2
BodyTite - Patient 3
BodyTite - Patient 4
BodyTite - Patient 5
BodyTite - Patient 6
BodyTite - Patient 7
BodyTite - Patient 8

BodyTite™ – Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction

Certified Center of Distinction

Based in Manhattan, New York City, bodySCULPT® is a plastic surgery practice that uses safe and advanced technology and techniques to help men and women meet their body contouring goals. We offer Invasix™ BodyTite™ radio frequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) to provide effective body contouring and cellulite reduction with noticeable skin tightening effects. Our plastic surgeons, Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia, are inventors of the Scarless Arm Lift procedure (BodyTite on Arms).


This FDA cleared liposuction device uses patented RFAL™ (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) technology. It delivers radiofrequency energy to liquefy subcutaneous fat, coagulate blood vessels, and tighten the skin. Our plastic surgeons are experts in performing this safe, gentle and effective body re-contouring procedure that removes fat and firms the skin while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

The BodyTite™ Liposuction Procedure

In the BodyTite hand-piece, RFAL energy passes from an internal cannula to an external electrode, delivering focused energy into the adipose tissue and fatty areas. The entire soft-tissue matrix gets heated. The handpiece simultaneously aspirates the liquefied fat and coagulates the adipose, fibrous, and vascular tissue. The heat generated helps tighten the skin quickly and the coagulation of the tissues helps sculpt the body to achieve the ideal shape*.

Paula Abdul Joins InMode as its new Brand Ambassador

International Pop Icon, Paula Abdul has agreed to act as brand ambassador for InMode, the medical device company that has invented innovative technology for minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments. Inmode’s solutions are clinically-proven to reduce treatment time, recovery time and deliver real results. Paula is bringing her renewed feeling of confidence and self-assurance to others who want the same benefits. Dr Spero Theodorou is also Inmode’s Chief Medical Officer responsible for the development of all InMode procedures, clinical studies and training.

Benefits of Treatment at bodySCULPT®

The BodyTite™ radiofrequency assisted liposuction at bodySCULPT® typically takes only 30-45 minutes and is virtually painless.

Our skilled plastic surgeons use this innovative technology to remove unwanted and stubborn fat from various areas such as the face, neck, chin, upper arms, abdominal areas, love handles, hips, inner thighs, knees, and buttocks. They have years of experience in performing the procedure. Having this body contouring treatment at our state-of-the-art plastic surgery center in NYC comes with many benefits:

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Only local anesthesia or light sedation required
  • Considerable fat reduction and effective body firming
  • No lumpy irregularities in appearance as is the case with liposuction
  • Reduced surgical trauma
  • Less downtime, treatment does not require overnight stay
  • Dedicated follow-up

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