Abdominal Etching Vs Traditional Liposuction

Many men and women who work out vigorously and go on strict diets to enhance the appearance of their waistline and get more defined abs find that these measures just don’t provide the desired results. Abdominal etching is the answer. Available in plastic surgery practices providing body sculpting in New York, abdominal etching is a special liposuction technique that creates chiseled abs or a “washboard stomach” through targeted sculpting of abdominal fat. This procedure can provide you with sculpted abs when dieting and exercise cannot help you achieve your goals.

Abdominal Etching Vs Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction can also help men and women achieve an ideal abdominal contour. So, how is it different from abdominal etching? The main difference between the two procedures is that conventional liposuction removes stubborn, unwanted fat from different problem areas of the body, while abdominal etching removes localized fat from the abdomen of an individual who already has abdominal muscles. This liposuction technique involves precisely sculpting abdominal fat in both the superficial and the deeper layers to highlight the natural “six-pack” lines in men and provide a chiseled but softer look in women. The results of abdominal etching would be much more prominent and dramatic than traditional liposuction.

Plastic surgeons in New York City perform ab etching using minimally-invasive power-assisted liposuction modalities such as Smartlipo Triplex, VASER Lipo and BodyTite. These energy-assisted devices are designed to remove excess fat and tighten the skin, and also allow the surgeon to define the patient’s natural abdominal lines. The procedure enhances the underlying musculature and tightens the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. Skilled surgeons can provide customized results to meet the patient’s preferences.

The abdominal etching procedure usually takes only an hour, depending on the experience of the plastic surgeon and technique used. Performed as an outpatient procedure under either local or general anesthesia, the procedure begins with the surgeon outlining the patient’s abdominal muscles. Several small incisions are then made in the naval or the natural creases of the abdomen, in a way that they remain unnoticeable. The cannula of the liposuction device is then inserted through the incisions to remove excess fat and sculpt the abs by defining the abdominal muscles. The procedure is considered a form of advanced or 3-D liposuction, which means the results are extremely specific.

Most patients are back to their normal activities in 24-48 hours after the procedure. Your surgeon may recommend of wearing a compression garment for few weeks post-op to help reduce bleeding and swelling, and minimize the fluid accumulation that can occur in the body after surgery. Though the procedure is minimally-invasive, minor swelling is to be expected, which is completely normal and will subside soon.

However, to achieve attractive results, patients need to be ideal candidates for abdominal etching. Being healthy and having a moderate amount of abdominal fat and strong underlying muscles are important criteria for a good candidate. According to one study, the best results of abdominal etching are seen on patients who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, but have “certain resistant areas of fat” that make it difficult to achieve the abdominal muscle definition they desire.

Final results of the procedure will become visible once the body has healed completely, usually in about six months. To maintain your outcomes, it is recommended that you stick to a healthy lifestyle.

If you are seeking a contoured body or toned and defined abdominal muscles, you may be a candidate for liposuction surgery or abdominal etching. An experienced surgeon will determine the right option for you based on your anatomical considerations and goals. If you are considering abdominal etching, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that offers body sculpting in New York City using the latest technologies. Such practices have expert plastic surgeons who can provide customized treatments to meet patient goals.