bodySCULPT® – The Premier Plastic Surgery Practice to Accept Bitcoin in NYC

bodySCULPT® leading cosmetic surgery practice in New York City will be accepting payment for procedures using the electronic currency Bitcoins. Yes, you can now use Bitcoins to pay for all procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, and more. The goal is to provide privacy and anonymity for patients who desire that.

LiposuctionbodySCULPT® is a premier AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with a state-of-the-art surgical center located on Central Park South in New York City (NYC). The facility in Manhattan is led by two of Manhattan’s leading plastic surgeons: Dr. Spero J Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T Chia.Our plastic surgeons specialize in body contouring and have significant experience in all areas of cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery.

As the demand for plastic surgery increases and gains wider acceptance, keeping anonymity and privacy are becoming extremely important.  Most Plastic Surgery practices respect the privacy of their patients and do everything they can to protect it. However, the question remains: “Can you maintain your anonymity when you pay for plastic surgery?” In her blog titled “Is there a Silk Road for Plastic Surgery“, Raquel Smith discusses this issue. Like all guilty pleasures, she says cosmetic surgery is best enjoyed alone.

But can you pay for a treatment without your spouse knowing or get a breast augmentation procedure easily at just the click of the mouse and in absence? The answer is yes. You don’t need a Silk Road in plastic surgery to safeguard your privacy and anonymity and ensure freedom of self-expression – all you need is a Bitcoin account.

Enjoy Privacy and Security with Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin is a universally accepted digital currency that works without the intermediation of any central authority. Generally, when you make a purchase or send a payment using conventional methods, every detail about you gets stored in a database somewhere. Your name appears, revealing that you made the transaction and this gets stored along with other details about the purchase. If you shop on your mobile phone, information about your location and shopping habits could get shared. Bitcoins give you the anonymity you want. With Bitcoins, nobody would know who you are or how you’re spending.

Bitcoins offer many advantages over conventional currency.

  • It is free to open a bitcoin account.
  • Bitcoin transactions are discrete. Unless you publish your Bitcoin transactions voluntarily, your purchases cannot be traced back to you. An anonymous Bitcoin address will be generated for your purchases and changes with each transaction.
  • Using this cryptocurrency is easy and uncomplicated. Just like any online payment system, you can make bitcoin payments if you have Internet access regardless of where you are located. What sets Bitcoins apart is that unlike payments you make with your credit card or bank account, you don’t have to provide any personal information to complete any transaction.
  • No one can seize or freeze Bitcoins or intercept transactions. You have the freedom to do what you want with your virtual currency.
  • There are no transaction costs or exchange fees.
  • You can make your Bitcoin payment from your tablet or mobile phone.
  • As Bitcoin is not tied to any country, it is a relatively risk-free currency.

By accepting payment for services in Bitcoin, bodySCULPT® makes things even more convenient for its international patients. Sending Bitcoins across borders is as easy as sending a payment within the U.S.