Brazilian Butt Lift – Important Things to Know

Brazilian Butt Lift Important ThingsFat grafting has become popular for its use in Brazilian butt lift in NYC plastic surgery practices. This advanced butt enhancement procedure uses a woman’s own fat to improve the shape of her posterior. This natural option is ideal for those who don’t want to go under the knife for implants.

Performed by skilled and experienced surgeons, the first step in the Brazilian butt lift surgery in a NYC plastic surgery practice is a thorough examination to check if you are a good candidate for the treatment. You have to meet certain considerations to be one. Mainly, you should have a fair amount of fat in the abdomen, hip, waist and lower back to spare for transfer to the buttocks. You should also be in good health and have reasonable expectations about the outcome.

Here are some things that potential patients should know about this cosmetic surgical procedure.

What does the procedure involve?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure has three distinct phases: liposuction, fat transfer and fat reinjection.

Liposuction: Here, fat is removal is done through a small cannula at a low suction pressure to preserve the delicate fat cells. Typical donor sites include the flanks, abdomen, and thighs. A good amount of fat in the order of several hundred CCs or even more per buttock may be needed.

Fat Processing: The removed fat should be spun at low gravity forces for brief periods of time and then purified. If not, unhealthy, dead or broken cells will get mixed with the good cells used for reinjection, which will not give good results.

Fat Reinjection: The processed fat is then re-injected carefully using micro droplet techniques, that is, it is injected in very small quantities and at the right depths. This technique promotes long-term survival of the fat. Another important thing to note is that not all of the fat cells survive even if it is sucked out and injected carefully. Expecting of some of the drop off fat, the surgeon will opt to probably overfill the buttocks with fat by a certain percentage.

Watch the live videos of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures by leading bodySCULPT® plastic surgeons.

How long will it take to finish the procedure?

The surgery is time consuming because of this detailed way of fat extraction, processing and reinjection to obtain long-lasting results. The time taken to complete the treatment may vary person to person, but a typical Brazilian butt lift will take 5-8 hours. Liposuction of three areas would take a minimum 2-3 hours, while the time for fat processing can vary. Fat reinjection would take minimum of 2 to 3 hours. Reliable surgeons will not take shortcuts as this would compromise the outcome.

What are the important things to know about aftercare?

Aftercare for a Brazilian butt lift is as important as the surgery itself.

  • In order to maximize the survivability of the graft take, sitting should be avoided for the first few weeks. Prolonged sitting will damage the newly injected fat cells as they have not yet established their own blood supply.
  • Take the medication prescribed by your physician to reduce soreness and stiffness.
  • Wear a compression garment as instructed.
  • To reduce risks of blood clots, it is recommended that you walk and stretch your legs.
  • Buttock stretching exercises, as recommended by your surgeon, can speed recovery.
  • After 2 weeks, you can use a cigar-shaped cushion when sitting; this will help you avoid putting excessive pressure on your buttocks.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Leading surgeons in NYC offer 3D imaging, which helps patients to visualize the procedure outcome. Choosing a Manhattan plastic surgeon who is an expert in this advanced technique is important for best results and your safety. A skilled surgeon will also be knowledgeable about maintaining the balance between fat removal and addition to provide optimal body contouring results.