Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC – Choose the Right Plastic Surgery Practice

Brazilian Butt Lift in NYCMany NYC plastic surgery practices provide Brazilian butt lift surgery, the procedure that helps women achieve a fuller and curvier derriere. This treatment uses the patient’s own fat for buttock augmentation and has gained popularity because it avoids the complications associated with implants. Choosing an established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with a surgeon who is experienced in performing the procedure is crucial for safe treatment, optimal outcomes, and a comfortable surgical experience.

AAAASF-accredited practices meet strict national standards for outpatient procedures with regard to equipment, operating room safety, personnel, and surgeon credentials. They maintain rigorous standards of patient safety and care. So do some research to find an accredited NYC practice with surgeons who are experts in fat transfer buttock augmentation. In such practices, advanced, minimally-invasive liposuction techniques may be used for extracting the fat, thereby reducing surgical trauma and side effects. The right surgeon will evaluate patient goals and anatomical considerations to create a customized treatment plan.

The outcomes of Brazilian buttock augmentation are highly dependent on the skills and experience of the plastic surgeon. To achieve buttocks with the desired proportions, an experienced surgeon will inject large volumes of fat and overfill the buttocks by a certain percentage. This is important, as not all fat will survive. A surgeon with extensive experience in the procedure as well as in body contouring surgery can provide attractive outcomes by sculpting the lower abdomen, waist, flanks and hips to suit the new proportions of the buttocks and enhance overall appearance.

At reliable NYC practices, surgeons use advanced resources and technologies to perform cosmetic surgical procedures. For instance, they would use FDA-approved technology to purify the fat tissues before injection into the buttocks, which will improve their survival rate. Many practices also offer advanced 3-D imaging facilities. In addition to helping the surgeon in pre-surgical planning, a 3D platform allows patients to visualize the potential outcome before the treatment and take informed decisions. They can preview various surgical outcomes and choose the option that best meets their personal goals.

The support staff in a professional plastic surgery practice would be dedicated to ensuring patient comfort. They will provide individualized care and attention throughout the treatment. Dedicated follow-up by the surgeons will promote smooth recovery. Surgeons in an accredited practice will also be well-equipped to handle any emergencies that may occur.