Brazilian Butt Lifts are Getting More Popular in America

Reports show that the Brazilian butt lift is getting more popular in America. Available in NYC plastic surgery practices, this procedure enhances the appearance of the buttocks by improving volume and contour using the woman’s own fat. A perfect beach body is characterized by shapely buttocks, beautifully contoured breasts and an overall sculpted body shape. Such features will make women look awesome in their swimsuits. An attractive derriere makes a woman look great in any outfit whereas flat buttocks may have a negative impact on the overall appearance.

Jennifer Lopez is booty-ful at age 45, and she is known for her amazing back side that makes her look great in just about any outfit. Many women are really looking forward to get an attractive back side like hers. The case is no different with Kim Kardashian whose attractive butt has raised interest in the procedure among many women. Recent reports from leading surgeons and online cosmetic surgery discussion sites indicate that Kim Kardashian’s beautiful butt might have inspired many women to undergo the Brazilian butt lift.

A new statistics report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons notes that the number of buttock augmentations in the U.S has gone up to nearly 10,000 last year from around 8,500 done in 2012.

While all these interesting stats throw light on the efficacy and safety of the procedure, it is important to understand that every procedure may be associated with rare complications and so taking the advice of the right surgeon is important. You should be an ideal candidate for the procedure. A good NYC plastic surgeon can understand your aesthetic goals and offer a personalized butt augmentation solution.