Is Combining a Neck Lift and Facial Rejuvenation a Good Option?

Neck lift and facial rejuvenation procedures are popular among both men and women as they offer a lot of aesthetic benefits. The face and neck are the areas that are usually exposed in most outfits and this treatment can correct aesthetic concerns related to these parts and make them look attractive. Many surgeons would advise a combination of neck lift and facial rejuvenation as it can bring about a dramatic and positive change in appearance. Neck is one of the first areas of the human body to show signs of aging and a neck lift can help restore the neck’s youthful appearance.

The procedure effectively treats the inelastic, loose skin and hanging platysmal bands of the neck. As a standalone procedure itself, neck lift offers a lot of benefits and with a combined procedure, a more balanced, natural-looking outcome could be achieved. Liposuction, mini facelift and full facelift are the procedures commonly performed in conjunction to provide attractive aesthetic results. Even though these procedures are more common, there are other procedures also which could be performed in combination based on the varying cosmetic concerns of each individual.

A combined facelift and neck lift ensures the following:

  • Tightens and lifts the cheeks and neck
  • Minimizes wrinkles in the lower face and neck region
  • Minimizes jowls and restores angle between the chin and neck
  • Eliminates “turkey neck” and vertical bands in the neck
  • Removes excess fat from the lower face and neck area
  • Tightens lax skin and muscles in the face and neck

Here are some benefits of a combined procedure:

  • A more harmonious look
  • Single time surgical trauma
  • Enjoy the benefits in a single recovery period
  • Restores a youthful appearance

More than convenience and comfort, the end results matter the most when surgeons recommend a combined treatment. These procedures are usually performed to eliminate the signs of aging and when the aging effects are addressed in the entire area, a much more natural-looking appearance is brought about.