Common Myths and Facts About Brazilian Buttock Enhancement

An attractive derriere is something many women cherish, especially those who have flat buttocks. Brazilian buttock enhancement is a procedure available now that can bring about the desired size for the buttocks and improve the overall body contour. Improved body contour will in turn improve one’s self esteem and confidence, contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing. Expert plastic surgeons in New York City perform this procedure in AAAASF-accredited practices.

The buttocks can be enhanced either using FDA-approved implants or using excess body fat available in the candidate’s own body. Brazilian butt lift is a natural way of buttock enhancement that uses one’s own body fat. Like any other plastic surgery procedure, there are false notions associated with buttock enhancement, some of which we examine here.

  • Liposuction on the buttocks gets rid of cellulite: Not necessarily. Liposuction is not a solution for cellulite – it is a good body contouring option that can remove excess body fat. A procedure such as Cellulaze cellulite treatment is required to remove cellulite effectively.
  • Procedure is not performable on thinner women: Since one’s own body fat is required, the process may not be advisable for thin women who don’t have adequate fat to spare. However, many cosmetic surgeons now make use of silicone gel to cover up the lack of donor fat so that thinner women can also enjoy the benefits.
  • Sitting on injected buttocks causes fat to get reabsorbed: Sitting on the buttocks over time won’t make any difference in the fat survival. However, avoid prolonged sitting on the back for the first few weeks after treatment to avoid putting pressure on the treatment area.
  • Gaining weight after the treatment ruins the outcome: It is not like the results get ruined once you gain weight. Gaining and losing weight can happen at times and weight gain would probably make the enhanced buttocks larger in appearance. There are even chances for the transferred fat to get distributed more evenly. A slight weight gain may even improve the results.
  • Brazilian butt lift is not associated with any complications: Like any other surgery, this procedure too is not entirely risk free. Risks are rare, and even when they occur are usually minor ones. To avoid any complication or risk, get the procedure done by a board-certified plastic surgeon and follow all his/her pre- and post surgery instructions.

A good NYC surgeon can help you understand what the procedure can actually offer you and the minute details associated with it. Then you can take a confident decision and experience optimal results.