Cosmetic Surgery Increasingly Sought by Men and Women Over 65

Older people seek cosmetic surgery not only to remain fit and healthy in their old age, but also to look good. The fact that this age group is considering aesthetic procedures speaks volumes about the improved safety and effectiveness of advanced plastic surgery technology.

Cambridge-news reports that there is a noticeable surge in the number of men and women over 65 years taking up cosmetic surgery procedures in Cambridge. Over the last three years, there has been at least 50% increase in the number of over 65s undergoing these procedures. Mostly people ask for facial surgery including eye, face and neck lifts. What persuades them is the desire to feel better about themselves rather than the wish to regain their youth.

Men continue to drive the cosmetic surgery market, and four out of five surgeons surveyed revealed that they have noticed an increase in the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures such as eyelid lifts, nose jobs and ‘man boob’ removal.

A Nuffield Health survey also noted a similar trend across the UK. Surgeons surveyed reported an increase in the number of previously overweight patients looking for a suitable aesthetic procedure, following significant weight loss.

Cosmetic Surgery with Fat Grafting

As the surgeons point out, most of the over 65s wish to look fresh, healthy and natural. With improvements in medical science, it is not uncommon to see patients in their 80s who want to look better. People in this age group are healthier now, and any medical condition they may have is managed well. Moreover, anesthetics are much safer, with fewer side effects and ensure a safe and effective surgical procedure.