Does Weight Loss Affect Breast Size?

When women are in a weight loss program, one common concern is that losing weight would reduce breast size. When you lose weight, your body loses fat from all areas. As a woman’s breasts are made up of a high proportion of fat, you are likely to lose fat from your breasts first, according to an article from Women’s Best. The extent to which your chest reduces would depend on hereditary factors and the amount of weight you lose. However, you don’t have to be overly worried about this as there is a good option to restore breast volume lost due to excessive weight loss – breast augmentation in New York City.

Breast SizeGenetics and the ratio of dense glandular tissue to fatty tissue plays major role in the size and shape of the breast. Substantial weight loss can lead to a striking difference in bust size. How much you lose from your chest would depend on how much fat is stored there and how much weight you lose overall.

Rapid weight loss followed by weight gain can result in sagging breasts, because larger breasts stretch the skin, which adversely affect the underlying tissues including collagen. It can also impact the skin’s elasticity, leaving your breasts with less support. The best way to deal with breast sag during weight loss is either losing weight slowly and steadily or having for a breast lift.

Wearing a supportive bra, particularly while playing sports, can improve the appearance of your bust line during your weight loss journey. If you are hitting the gym, try to include exercises that strengthen pectoral muscles to prevent your bust from sagging. Eating a balanced, healthy diet high in protein and staying hydrated will also help sustain muscle density and skin elasticity, which will contribute to a firm bust.

If these natural methods fail to produce the desired results, you could consider breast implants. Breast augmentation in NYC can improve the appearance of breasts that have lost volume and shape due to massive weight loss, pregnancy, or other reasons. The procedure can also correct breasts that differ in size and shape and reshape the breasts, making them firmer and rounder.

Breast implant surgery involves inserting an FDA-approved implant (saline, silicone, gummy bear and IDEAL implants) through an incision placed above or below the chest muscle. Another technique, composite breast augmentation, combines fat grafting with implants for a better outcome. Today, there are tailor-made options for individual patients as opposed to a one-size-fits-all implant. With the wide range of options available for breast augmentation, you need to select the one that will best meet your aesthetic goals.

Women can address sagging and achieve a more proportionate and youthful-looking bust line with mastopexy or breast lift in NYC. The procedure removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue to restore firm, attractive breasts. Advanced techniques such as BodyTite allow plastic surgeons to provide a scarless breast lift. Women who want their breasts to look fuller and bigger as well as correct sagging issues, could consider a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation surgery.

If you are considering a breast lift or breast augmentation in New York City, find an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practices with surgeons who are experts in the procedures. Reliable surgeons use the latest technologies to provide attractive outcomes. They will help you preview your outcomes using superior imaging technology and guide you in making the right choice based your anatomy and cosmetic goals.