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Dr. Chia of bodySCULPT Speaks of the Surge in Cosmetic Surgery and its Trends for 2015

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Dr. Christopher ChiaIn an exclusive interview given to The Examiner, Dr. Christopher Chia of bodySCULPT pointed out the reasons for the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery and spoke about the top cosmetic procedures for the year 2015. The statistics for 2014 is astonishing – almost four million people have undergone some type of cosmetic procedure in the United States, followed by Brazil where 2 million people underwent aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Chia remarked that America and the world’s obsession with cosmetic procedures/plastic surgery is "the result of an increase of awareness and cultural acceptance from the population to the possibility of cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance and self-confidence". He warned that surgery was only "one part of the plan" for a beautiful body. The more important thing is to adopt a healthy approach to diet, follow practical exercise regimens and include other attitudinal changes that would help improve one’s self.

He highlighted their approach at bodySCULPT – a combination of surgery and weight management that would ensure a successful experience. He observed how at bodySCULPT, they "couple surgery with a physician-overseen protocol with an endocrinologist-trained doctor who specializes in weight management. The synergy between that and the surgery often leads to results that could not be reached with either alone".

Dr. Chia revealed that augmented buttocks accompanied by a tiny waist have gained in popularity within his practice. However, many factors will have to be addressed to achieve this look. Some may need a surgical procedure to remove skin and tighten tissues. Others may only require a combination of liposuction, fat grafting and/or skin tightening. Dr. Chia also emphasized the need to assess factors such as age, overall health, skin and muscle tightness and weight history on a personal basis. He drew attention to the fact that while some patients do not have enough fat to transfer to the buttocks to get a satisfactory increase in size, some younger patients with excellent skin elasticity and a moderate amount of fat excess in some trouble areas can have a striking result with a Brazilian butt lift.

Considering the ill effects of bad injections and untrained plastic surgeons, he warned candidates to seek assistance only from plastic surgeons with the necessary credentials and experience. Dr. Chia recommends one’s own fat as "an ideal source for injection since it is your own tissue with the aesthetic benefits that cannot be achieved with a chemical".

Regarding the prospects of cosmetic surgery for 2015, Dr. Chia said that there is an increase in the trend of body contouring both in terms of fat removal (liposuction) and enhancement with fat (grafting). "Putting fat to enhance a person’s natural curves as in the buttocks, breasts and other sites while slimming the mid-section, example, is becoming more commonly performed and will continue to grow in popularity".

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