Gifting Beauty Treatments – The Latest New Year Gift Trend

Now New Year gifts are becoming much more attractive and valuable in the form of gift certificates and coupons for beauty treatments. A female psychotherapist gifted her husband a gift certificate worth $500 for Botox injections and laser hair removal. Does this come as a surprise? Well, this is the trend now with plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures becoming gift items. People are now gifting their loved ones with procedures such as face lift, nose surgery, breast augmentation, chin liposuction, abdominoplasty, eyebrow lift, ear reduction surgery, and abdominal etching among others. The gifting of cosmetic surgery is up 20 – 35% depending on the procedure and the practice, according to an ABC News Report. There has also been a dramatic increase in the sales of gift cards in the range of $150 – $200, usually for low-cost procedures like medical-grade peels.

Laser liposuction and laser hair removal are becoming more popular choices as gifts. A mother is said to have gifted her below 20-year-old daughter a breast augmentation! Laser surgery is preferred for its advantages such as:

  • Quick recovery
  • Minimally invasive
  • Less or no downtime
  • Quick return to normal daily activities
  • Minimal scarring and bleeding
  • Faster healing

A hike in cosmetic treatments is seen in the New Year season. Studies find that increase in demand for plastic surgery in the holiday season is due to many reasons. The most important among these is that those undergoing such surgeries will get enough time for recovery during the holidays. Scars if any will fade a little bit and those who need down time also get enough rest. There is no need to explain why you are going on leave if you need not take leave at all. Another reason is that there are bound to be parties in which people want to surprise others with the dramatic change in their appearance.

You need to think and research a lot before you decide to undergo the gifted treatment. Consider whether you actually want it or not.

When you buy such a gift for someone else, you have to be sure about what the person really wants. Individuals undergoing such treatments will have certain expectations and wishes. It is better to know what they wish for, or fear of about plastic surgery. Gift a face lift, arm tuck, eye lift or a chin implant that can transform the appearance of your loved ones. If you know well what they really want, your gift will make them happier persons. Looking better makes you feel better and more confident. Gifting cosmetic treatments is like gifting joy, youthfulness and confidence in one gift card.