How Long Does It Take To See the Final Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt LiftThe Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that provides women with a fuller, curvier, well-shaped posterior. The procedure uses fat from other areas of your body to enhance the buttocks. One question that most candidates ask their plastic surgeon is: how soon can I see the results of the treatment?

Generally speaking, you can expect to see the permanent results of the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure in 4 to 6 months. To be more precise, the volume you gain within 4-6 months after the procedure would be permanent and long lasting. Unlike other options, Brazilian butt lift surgery would provide as much fullness as you had at the 6-month mark even 10 years after the surgery.

This is a minimally-invasive procedure and requires no anesthesia or hospital stay. The fat required for the enhancement is extracted using minimally-invasive liposuction techniques from areas such as the flanks, abdomen, and thighs. The extracted fat is then purified and processed for maximum survival and injected into strategic locations in the derriere to provide the desired results.  Typically, a procedure may take about 2 hours to complete and an average of 2 weeks would be needed for complete recovery. With minimal side effects and discomfort, most patients are able to resume normal activities within a couple of days.

Unlike implants, there is no surgery involved and downtime, scarring and discomfort are minimal. You can experience a visibly improved posterior within 4 to 6 months. One of the main reasons why the Brazilian butt lift has become the preferred procedure for butt enhancement is that it avoids implant-related complications.

However, following post-surgical instructions diligently is necessary for smooth recovery and quicker results. Patients are generally advised to avoid sitting during the healing period as this can harm the fat grafts. They may be also required to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling. Like most plastic surgery procedures, a healthy diet and regular exercise (as recommended by the surgeon) are critical to maintain the results.

To enjoy an optimal outcome, choose the right plastic surgeon. This is possible if you are planning to have your Brazilian butt augmentation in NYC. The city has surgeons who are experts in the procedure and can provide dramatic results with overall contouring of the buttocks as well as lower back.