How Long Should You Stay In Town after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Brazilian Butt Lift SurgeryWomen who desire a well-shaped posterior can opt for Brazilian butt lift in NYC. The treatment, also known as BBL, is especially popular because it uses your own fat for butt enhancement in lieu of artificial implants. Patients often fly in from out-of-town to get a BBL. One common concern for such patients is as to how long they would need to stay in town after the procedure and what’s best for follow up appointments and fat survival. Leading plastic surgeons have replied to this question on the real forum.

The experts recommend that out-of-town Brazilian butt surgery patients stay in town for at least a week to ten days after the procedure, depending on the length of their flight (domestic vs. international). This would help them restore their activity level, recovery, and any other aspects as closely to normal as the schedule allows. Depending on the length of the flight (domestic vs international), an expert surgeon recommends that out of town patients stay for at least a week to ten days. On the other hand, he says that patients who have undergone BBL under local anesthesia can safely travel as soon as two days post operatively. This is because local anesthesia does not involve any physiologic changes with circulation and other systems that are altered with general anesthesia. For such patients, their travel schedule would be determined more by a comfort and practical limitation with recovery.

Questions about traveling after BBL arise because the recovery phase of this poplar cosmetic surgical procedure plays an important role in the results. For maximum fat survival, surgeons tell patients to avoid direct sitting on the butt, especially for a prolonged period, in the initial weeks following the treatment. As the fat cells are very fragile, any pressure on the buttocks can cause cell death. It takes time for transplanted fat cells to re-establish blood supply and that counts a lot for buttock augmentation outcome.

If you really have to sit, you can use a pillow such as an inflatable pillow, memory foam pillow or ‘Booty Buddy’. An inflatable pillow can distribute the pressure evenly and minimize the potential for cell damage, whereas the ‘Booty Buddy’, a new type of pillow with a cushion designed for perching, allows the user to keep a straight back and both feet on the floor. It has no weight restrictions and can be used on any seat such as in cars, public transport, and restaurants.

To experience a long-lasting outcome, you should be an ideal candidate for buttock augmentation, that is, you would need to have enough fat for harvesting in donor sites such as back, thighs, flanks, and abdomen. Once the desired result is achieved, you can maintain it with a healthy lifestyle. The amount of discomfort after the procedure would vary based on individual considerations.

If you are considering Brazilian butt surgery in NYC, consult a plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice who is experienced in performing the procedure. This is very important for safe treatment and optimal outcomes.