How to Minimize Scarring after a Plastic Surgery Procedure

Scarring after a Plastic SurgeryEven though there is great hype around plastic surgery procedures for body contouring in NYC, many people considering such procedures are concerned about scarring. After all, having plastic surgery is to look good by removing all irregularities, and ending up with scarring is distressing indeed. What people are looking for is a minimally invasive procedure that involves minimal scarring and bruising. Some common questions they may have are: What causes scarring? How can we minimize the scarring that may result from a breast augmentation, facelift or tummy tuck in NYC? Is there any way to reduce these scars?

Scarring is the body’s natural way to heal an open wound or cut. There is the possibility of scarring, whenever the skin undergoes damage especially if it’s a surgery. Usually the scar caused by surgery is hard to disappear, but it all depends on how deep and large the size of the cut in your tissue is. Regardless of the procedure performed, whatever part of the body is operated upon, or why the surgery is done, an incision is made in the skin that typically requires cutting through all of the layers of the skin, which results in scarring. That is, if the incision is a bit deeper into the dermis and subcutaneous fat, our body needs to do a whole lot more work to heal that incision. Collagen, which gives the skin its elasticity, is produced and the wound is pulled together, using the collagen like a type of tissue “glue”. This causes the repaired tissue to be in a different color and texture from the skin around it.

It’s literally hard to avoid scarring entirely, especially if you are getting invasive procedures. But there are certain ways in which we can minimize the appearance of scars, though.

  • Choose an Experienced and Skilled Plastic Surgeon: Only a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can provide you the best results with your procedure. Such surgeons would be able to keep any tissue damage to a bare minimum during the procedure and may be able to avoid the usage of external sutures to close the incision, instead of using subcuticular sutures that will be reabsorbed by your body. An experienced plastic surgeon knows exactly where to place the incisions so their appearance is minimal and they will heal the fastest. It is impossible to avoid all scarring after a procedure, but an expert will certainly take steps to minimize it.
  • Genetics: Genetics plays a major role in how your scars are forming. Some people are genetically inclined to heavy scarring. You may find yourself at a higher risk of scarring complications if one or both of your parents suffer from scarring. If you have experienced such noticeable scarring in the past after a surgical procedure or injury, then inform your plastic surgeon as it is important. This helps the surgeon to recommend a non-surgical procedure if any, that can be as effective as an invasive procedure to make it easier for your body to recover without any visible scars.
  • Age: Age is a factor that has an impact on scarring. If the patient is young, scars most often disappear within a time period. If the person is aged, the skin would be less elastic and thinner and there is more chance of scar formation.
  • Post-surgery Care: Proper aftercare is required once surgery is done. Make sure that proper healing is happening to avoid any complications. Keep the wound clean and free from any infection to prevent the formation of visible scars. Take adequate rest as recommended by your surgeon after the surgery.
  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol: Surgeons recommend quitting smoking before and after the surgery. These habits can interrupt healing and increase the risk for scars. Alcohol dehydrates both the body and skin, which also can lead to scar formation due to the change of skin properties.

Recent technological advancements in plastic surgery such as BodyTite that uses Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) technology for body contouring in NYC are minimally invasive. This device is now more commonly used for liposuction, where in a cannula is inserted into the targeted area through a small incision and excess fat is easily melted and extracted safely without causing discomfort to the patient. The advantage of this method is that it leaves no scars. BodyTite used in breast and arm lift ensures scarless surgery. It is a revolutionary procedure that is recognized for its benefits. It is a good cosmetic surgery option that is endorsed by celebrities and widely popular for being minimally invasive, FDA-approved and safe.

If you are considering body sculpting in New York City, find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery center that offers the service of trained and experienced plastic surgeons. Such surgeons provide safe, effective treatment and the best results for their patients with minimal scars and downtime.