Importance of Good Communication Before Plastic Surgery

When it comes to having plastic surgery, communication is important – to take an informed decision as well as to enhance the surgical experience. Communication is important at various levels. You should be forthright about your decision to have a surgical procedure and discuss it with close friends and family members. They can provide the support you may need to go ahead. Communication also means discussing your goals with your plastic surgeon. This will help you feel at ease and also understand if your expectations are realistic.

Though the number of people are undergoing cosmetic procedures has increased significantly in recent years, many do not inform family or close friends about their decision. According to a poll by, 20% of people who intend to have plastic surgery, don’t inform anybody in their social circle about their plans. It found that 1 out of 5 of the people surveyed did not discuss their interest in a cosmetic procedure with anyone. There could be many reasons for this reticence – lack of confidence, guilt – especially among mommies – that they are spending money on themselves. Men too seem to want to keep their intentions low-profile.

According to experts, interacting with others before taking a final decision about having plastic surgery decision is important for various reasons:

  • Having a support system after the surgery is crucial
  • People in your social circle would be frank and tell you what they think about your expectations and if they are realistic

Proper interaction with the plastic surgeon on your goals and expectations is crucial. It’s important to find a plastic surgeon with whom you can freely your goals, expectations, and concerns. The right surgeon will guide you in making the right decision and also inform you about the benefits as well as risks of the procedure you are considering. Knowing about your goals will allow the surgeon to provide you with a customized treatment plan.