Invasive and Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Options to Achieve a Flat Tummy

A flat tummy is something that most men and women cherish, and struggle to achieve it through rigorous exercise and diet measures. Improved physical appearance definitely contributes to improved confidence and self esteem. However, achieving the body of your dreams may not be easy as the stubborn fat deposits in different body areas are hard to get rid of even with heavy workout sessions and dieting routines.

Popular celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Kate Gosselin, Courtney Love and others are reported to have undergone body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck to achieve a sculpted look. Among the many body contouring options available, tummy tuck procedures are very popular mainly on account of the dramatic change in appearance you can achieve through a successful tummy tuck. Let us consider the aesthetic procedures available that can contour the stomach area and give you a flatter and smoother tummy.

The most recently introduced and widely accepted non-invasive body contouring procedure is CoolSculpting. With this FDA-cleared procedure, you need not go under the knife to effectively treat the trouble spots. The fat cells are frozen and destroyed without harming the skin, and are later removed through the body’s normal metabolic process. Individuals can remain active during treatment and can get right back to their active life once the treatment is completed.

Liposuction is a popular option to get rid of excess fat deposits from almost all areas including the tummy. It effectively reshapes and contours the body by removing unwanted fat. This is ideal for people close to their ideal weight and who wish to shed the extra fat. Now, minimally invasive laser liposuction procedures are available that are safe and highly effective.

Tummy tuck is an invasive procedure designed to tighten the abdominal muscles by removing surplus skin from above and below the navel. A smoother and firmer abdominal profile with repositioned belly button is the end result; the procedure is ideal for those who have undergone massive weight loss and for women whose abdominal muscles have stretched considerably after multiple pregnancies.

Mini tummy tuck is another procedure which is not as invasive as the full tummy tuck. It is ideal for treating the lower belly, say under the navel, for repairing abdominal muscles, removing stretched out skin, and reshaping the midsection. The recovery is easier and quicker than in the case of a full tummy tuck.

Irrespective of the procedure chosen, taking the assistance of a reliable, skilled surgeon is important. He/she can identify your actual needs, assess your body type and recommend the optimal technique that can bring about positive changes.