Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for Me?

Right Cosmetic SurgeryMore and more men and women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Many are driven by the possible impact that their improved appearance will have on their social life and career. Regardless of the reason that is compelling you to go under the knife, you need to be sure that you have made the right decision. Two questions that need careful consideration are:

  • Is cosmetic surgery right for me?
  • How can I find the right cosmetic surgeon?

Let’s look at these considerations in greater detail.

Do a Reality Check – Examine Your Goals

First, you need perform a reality check. Make sure that you are choosing to have this specific procedure because you want to address something that is really bothering you. In other words, your decision should not be based on somebody else’s opinion or because it was forced on you. Don’t make an impulsive decision. Also, remember that to be a good candidate for a cosmetic surgical procedure, you need to be medically fit.

It’s also important that you have realistic expectations. For instance, people in certain jobs may benefit from looking younger and more attractive, and their decision to have cosmetic surgery to achieve this goal would be considered realistic. However, wanting to look as you did when you were in high school is an unrealistic expectation and plastic surgeons consider such requests as red flags!

Find a Competent Plastic Surgeon

This is not easy. You need to do some thorough research. Websites and referral services, advertisements, the yellow pages, television and radio appearances are important sources of information, but you have to consider important things like qualifications and experience when you choose a provider. For instance, if you live in Manhattan and are planning to have your procedure there, going by the following tips can help you find a reliable plastic surgeon in this area:

  • Cost should not be a prime consideration when you choose a plastic surgeon or plastic surgery practice in Manhattan. If you make a choice based on ‘affordable rates’ rather than the provider’s experience, you may have to pay the price with revision procedures.
  • Ensure that the plastic surgeon is well qualified and has relevant credentials and experience in the specific treatment you are considering and not in some other area. Make sure that the facility or practice is accredited by a major body such as the American Association for Accreditation for Surgical Facilities and meets the highest industry standards in terms of efficiency and care.
  • Discuss your decision to have the procedure with your family doctor and ask him/her to recommend a surgeon.
  • Make sure you are comfortable discussing your goals and concerns with the surgeon. You need to be able to trust your surgeon and know that he/she will help you make the right decision. Make sure that the Manhattan plastic surgery practice you choose has staff that is attentive and compassionate.

Of course, plastic surgery can offer you wonderful things, but there are limits. It can improve on nature’s imperfections, but cannot change your identity or fix your life.