ISAPS Report: Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation More Popular than Butt Implants in 2015

Fat Transfer Buttock AugmentationThe 2015 International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) shows an increasing interest in buttock augmentation with fat transfer. Popularly known as the Brazilian Butt lift, this is a cosmetic surgical technique whereby fat is harvested from specific areas of the body, processed and purified, and then injected into the buttocks to enhance size and shape. This novel procedure is different from the buttock lift which involves only removing skin and fat through surgery and liposuction. Made popular by celebrities, recent global surveys show that the butt augmentation with fat grafting is rising in popularity, overtaking the conventional butt implants.

According to the 2015 ISAPS report, a total of 258,107 fat transfer buttock augmentation procedures were performed in 2015. Only 30,916 women chose to have buttock augmentation using implants and 30,905 had buttock lift surgery. This clearly shows the growing acceptance of the fat transfer method for butt enhancement.

Rigorous exercise often fails to work when it comes to improving the shape and size of the derriere. An attractive, shapely posterior is considered symbolic of feminine beauty, which is why many women are turning to cosmetic surgery to achieve a shapely posterior. Buttock implants can help, but involve invasive surgery and related complications. This is one of the reasons why more women are now considering Brazilian butt augmentation. As it uses the candidate’s own fat, this procedure offers a natural look and feel without the complications associated with implants.

The data from ISAPS shows that buttock augmentation with fat transfer overtook buttock augmentation with implants in many countries:

Buttock Augmentation using implants Only (Total) USA Brazil South Korea India Mexico Germany Colombia France Italy
30,916 1,560 8,140 514 710 2,945 385 2,423 124 344
Buttock Augmentation using fat transfer (Total) USA Brazil South Korea India Mexico Germany Colombia France Italy
258,107 21,255 55,605 2,572 4,752 29,528 3,336 23,038 3,021 2,344

Choice of provider is crucial to patient safety and the outcome of any cosmetic surgical procedure, more so with an advanced procedure like the Brazilian butt lift. Therefore, it is important to do your research well and choose the right surgeon. A skilled surgeon will have a good idea about the right equation of removal and adding of fat, which would make a positive difference to the overall outcome.