Kardashian Inspired Brazilian Butt Lift – Fan Spends $10,000 for the Ideal Derriere

Kardashian Inspired Brazilian Butt LiftA person seeking a plastic surgery procedure may be aiming to achieve the envying body features of their favorite idol. No matter what it costs, they are ready to go under the knife to have features like that of their adored stars. Kim Kardashian-inspired Brazilian butt lift is the latest trend. Recent news highlighted that the celebrity’s ardent fan, a 36 year old nurse from Florida spent $10,000 on this revolutionary butt enhancement procedure to achieve the booty of her beloved star.

Marlene Chinea decided to undergo the procedure after failing to naturally boost her bum, even with over 300 squats or lunges a day. She was also visiting the gym for several hours between five and six times a week, but did not achieve the results she was looking for.

Before undergoing this minimally invasive buttock augmentation procedure, Marlene was asked to gain as much weight as she could, as the procedure involved fat transfer (taking fat from other body parts and transferring it to her bum). In a few months, she gained 20 pounds by eating junk food. The five hour procedure involved removing excess fat from her arms, upper and lower back, abdomen, flanks and thighs via liposuction. Doctors injected four pounds of fat into her rear to make it bigger.

Marlene, who had a breast augmentation in 2012, is now happy with her body and says that she doesn’t plan to have any more surgery. Mail Online quotes her – “Many people in today’s society still ridicule plastic surgery, but I can attest that some results can never be achieved with diet and exercise alone.”

Many plastic surgeons note that the demand for Brazilian butt lift is ever-growing inspired by the great body contouring results achieved by celebrities such as Beyonce, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian who are all famed for having big bottoms. Other reasons for the increasing demand of this procedure are it can correct proportional imbalances, there is no implant related risks, no anesthesia or hospital stay, and the recovery is in just a matter of 48 hours.