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Learn More about Being at Your Ideal Weight to Undergo Breast Augmentation

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Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation is one of the widely performed cosmetic procedures in select NYC plastic surgery facilities. The latest American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual statistics report shows that this was the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the US last year just like the previous years. Making the decision to undergo the procedure is not a simple one and there are some important factors to consider. Experienced plastic surgeons advise that to be the right candidate a woman has to be within her ideal body weight.

Weight changes can have a noticeable impact on the breast contour. While an increase in weight plumps up the breasts, the chest may be left deflated when you lose excess pounds. This makes it important for a woman to be at her ideal weight and to maintain it even after the procedure to experience longer-lasting results. Also, during the consultation, your weight and frame is taken into account to recommend the right implant size for you as this is an important consideration. For a leaner woman with a thin frame and narrower shoulders and hips, smaller implants are recommended. For a woman who is larger in stature, a larger implant is recommended. As the size of your body at the time of procedure planning is taken into consideration, any considerable change of weight in future can alter the results.

If you lose weight after the surgery, the new implants may start drooping and there could be loss of fullness in your breasts. Similarly, a weight gain can result in a further increase in breast size that may cause discomfort. So if you have any plans of making a change in your weight, you have to do it before you go for the procedure. In addition to lasting breast enhancement results, being at your ideal weight can help you to be ingood health and avoid any unwanted illness that may have a negative impact on your overall well being.

So how much weight should you lose before having breast augmentation surgery? If it is a case of just 5 to 10 pounds, then your surgeonmay neglect it. However, if it is considerable such as 20 to 30 pounds, then it would be always better to lose your weight before the surgery. And importantly, you should maintain that weight for at least 6 months before you go for the treatment. Women should be dedicated to maintaining a stable weight after the surgery to experience the attractive results for long.

Choose the right breast augmentation surgeon in NYC to take a well-informed decisionand experience individualized solutions.

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