Male Pectoral Implants: Aftercare and Recovery

Male Pectoral Implants: Aftercare and Recovery
Many men find that they cannot achieve the chest enhancement they desire even with strenuous exercise and rigorous diets. This has fuelled the demand for male pectoral implants. Pec implant surgery is an aesthetic procedure that involves placing a solid silicone implant under the chest muscle to provide a man with a sculpted, masculine chest. This procedure is a great option when even hours of body building exercises cannot provide the desired bulk and a well-defined chest.

Factors such as genetics, growth defects, injury and other conditions can restrict the growth of the chest muscles. Manhattan plastic surgery practices offering pectoral implants for men provide customized solutions to help men achieve their aesthetic goals. The surgeons can determine the correct shape and size of implant that will provide the best results for each candidate and also have the artistic skills to provide attractive, natural looking results.

However, men undergoing pectoral implant procedure are often unaware about the significance of proper post-operative care. It is very important for patients to diligently follow the aftercare instructions that their plastic surgeon gives them. They will be given detailed instructions about their post-op care, which includes information about drains, normal symptoms, and potential signs of complications. Here are some important things you need to know about recovery after male pec implant surgery:

  • You will usually be allowed to return home on the same day of your surgery, although sometimes you may need to stay in hospital overnight
  • You may experience some pain in the chest area, which can be managed with the recommended pain medications. If the pain is extreme or long-lasting, contact your surgeon.
  • Take proper rest and follow your surgeon’s recommendations on returning to your normal level of activity and work.
  • Compression or recovery garments should be worn immediately after surgery. These garments support the surgery area and helps circulation.
  • Maintaining a balanced, fiber-rich diet is important. Avoid sugary and fatty foods.
  • Keep hydrated, and lemon water keeps your body cleansed and reduces swelling.
  • There is nothing to worry if you see leaking during the initial days as it is normal following the treatment.
  • There can be swelling and bruising even in body areas not related to the treatment. This is part of your body getting adjusted with the changes and will subside soon.
  • Patients usually return to their routine activities within two weeks of the procedure but may have to wait up to two months to resume exercise. But it’s important to remain active during the recovery time. Take a walk and keep moving when possible to avoid swelling. Wait about four weeks’ time before starting your work outs. Start off with light activities and gradually go for intensive exercises as long as your body tolerates it.
  • Your incisions will heal in approximately 14 days and the implant healing will be complete in about 6 weeks. Is is important to realize that the amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among individuals.

In AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices in NYC, pectoral implant surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and needs just one to two hours to complete. After numbing the treatment area, the surgeon will make an incision in the crease of the armpit and create a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle. The implant then is placed in the pocket and the sutures are used to reconnect the muscle lining and close the skin. The sutures will dissolve over time. During the healing process, the implant becomes surrounded by the scar tissue pocket, where it stays permanently. The treatment causes only minimal injury to blood vessels, nerves, tendons and other tissues and comes with a short recovery period.

One of the major advantages of this procedure is that the muscle is not cut or damaged as the implants are inserted between the major and minor pectoralis muscles. It helps the muscle continues to grow with routine exercises and workouts. Moreover, you won’t be able to feel them that easily when the surgery is performed correctly and the implants are placed so that they are well hidden by the tissues.

If you considering male pectoral implant in NYC, make sure you choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice. Such practices would have surgeons who are experts in performing this particular procedure. A reliable surgeon will tell you all you want to know about the procedure and recovery. However, while a skilled surgeon can provide optimal outcomes, you need to be prepared to commit to a healthy lifestyle to maintain those results.