Managing Restrictions on Sitting after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift SurgeryEstablished NYC plastic surgery practices offer Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery, the advanced procedure that uses a woman’s own fat to improve the shape of her posterior. This ‘natural’ butt enhancement solution is an ideal option for those who want to avoid butt implants.

The recovery phase of this poplar cosmetic surgical procedure plays an important role in the results. One of the strict instructions for patients is to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks, especially for a prolonged period, in the initial weeks following the treatment. If you really have to sit, you can use a pillow.

Direct sitting on butt is not advised to ensure maximum fat survival. As the fat cells are very fragile, any pressure on the buttocks can cause cell death. It takes time for transplanted fat cells to re-establish blood supply and that counts a lot to the ultimate outcome of the buttock augmentation procedure.

When it comes to the pillow, one common question that patients ask is as to which type of pillow would be the best choice for sitting after BBL surgery. Here are three suggestions:

  • Some surgeons recommend an inflatable pillow. This type of pillow can distribute the pressure evenly and minimize the potential for cell damage.
  • Some recommend the ‘Booty Buddy’ for use during BBL recovery. In this new pillow, the cushion is designed for perching, and allows the user to keep a straight back and both feet on the floor. It can be used on any seat, such as in cars, public transport and restaurants and has no weight restrictions.
  • Another option is a memory foam pillow.

Whichever option you choose, surgeons say that the aim should be to keep your weight off the area of fat transfer and place it on the back of the thighs when you sit. So any pillow that distributes pressure or prevents specific pressure on the buttocks can be a good choice. Fold the off-loading pillow and place it behind your knees and under your thighs. This will puts all the pressure on your thighs and off-load the pressure on your butt.