More Chinese Going Under the Knife for Cosmetic Reasons

In China, cosmetic surgery is a rising market. A recent report from Xinhua News Agency in the country reported an increasing trend of Chinese people going under knife for cosmetic reasons. What is particularly interesting is that those who underwent a procedure admitted that they did it for a very specific reason such as to find a spouse or a job.

Global statistics on the number of plastic surgery procedures performed every year reveal that China ranks third after the U.S. and Brazil. The country is reported to spend up to $2.5 billion a year on cosmetic surgery with the industry has an annual growth rate which is as high as 20%. In fact, the demand for aesthetic treatments seems to be parallel with the country’s economic growth. According to another report, statistics released by South Korean embassy in Beijing show that Chinese people account for 60 percent of their cosmetic surgery market.

Cosmetic surgery clinics have sprung up across the country to meet this increase in demand for treatments fuelled by rising income levels and competition for jobs. Patients range from students and young professionals to older female executives and a growing number of men. Young women usually request eyelid surgery and nose jobs. Another category of patients is women over 35 looking to restore youthful looks and slow the aging process.

The leading anthropologist from China noted in his book that women increasingly consider cosmetic surgery as an investment to succeed socially and professionally. While the Government does have rules in place specifying the types of surgery and level of hospital where it can be performed, the increased demand for cosmetic treatments has led to unqualified surgeons appearing on the scene offering cheap treatments and putting patients at risk.

Regardless of the procedure and the goal, consulting a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon is critical to ensure optimal results as well as patient safety. As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons puts it, "Your satisfaction involves more than a fee".