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Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures by Age Group

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With advancements in technology and techniques, cosmetic surgery has become more effective and safer, fueling its popularity. Statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) clearly prove this. While individual goals vary widely, it would be interesting to look at the most popular cosmetic surgical treatments by age.

  • Unlike other features which may improve in shape and structure over time, the nose may grow in size proportionate to other facial features, though the aesthetics remain the same. That may be the reason why candidates 13-19 year-old mostly opt for rhinoplasty – surgery to improve the shape and appearance of the nose.
  • Breast augmentation, the procedure that improves the size and shape of breasts is a popular cosmetic treatment among women aged 20-29 years. The breasts would be fully developed by this time. Well-shaped breasts proportionate to the body can make them look better in their clothes and boost their self-confidence.
  • Metabolism begins to slow down by the time men and women enter their 30s. Despite exercise and fat, unwanted fat deposits linger in various areas. That is why liposuction is a popular procedure among those above the age of 30. The treatment can restore body contour by removing the excess fat.
  • Tummy tuck is a popular procedure among people aged 35 plus. Women opt for the treatment following delivery and men to resolve a pot belly.
  • When people enter their 40s, they may see noticeable signs of ageing, especially in the eyes and forehead. Wrinkles would appear and the eyes appear droopy and tired. That’s why many individuals aged 40-54 years go in for eyelid surgery and brow lift to improve facial appearance.
  • Those over 55 years of age would have highly visible ageing signs mostly on face and facial rejuvenation can help. Facelift is the most appropriate treatment. It lifts the corners of the mouth, cheeks, jaw line, and neck.

Regardless of the procedure, timing means a lot. There is an optimum age for every treatment. Cosmetic surgery is effective only if it performed at the right time.

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