Sagging Breasts- Causes and Prevention Tips

Sagging Breasts- Causes and Prevention Tips
Breast sagging or droopy breasts is a problem for many women around the globe. This is actually a part of natural cosmetic change in breast appearance, typically among older women. Young women usually have fuller and perkier breasts that don’t sag. However, certain factors can lead to sagging of breasts in younger women as well. Women are on the lookout for effective exercises or other cosmetic means to address this major aesthetic concern. Getting a breast lift in New York City is the most effective option available to address sagging and restore youthful-looking breasts.

Female breasts are made up of fat and ligaments. The ligaments lift and support the breasts. Over time, these ligaments can stretch out and cause the breasts to sag. Loose skin or the loss of skin’s elasticity can also lead to a droopy, deflated bust line. There many other things that can influence when these changes will happen or the degree of drooping that you will experience. Here are some of the causes of saggy breasts:

  • Breast size: Breast size can contribute sagginess in teens and young women. Smaller breasts with a rounder bottom tend to hold their shape better than larger or narrow breasts. The weight and volume of larger breasts are more likely to cause them to sag.
  • Gravity: Gravitational pull works against you every day and affects women with larger breasts. It pulls your breasts down, and strains and stretches the ligaments that support them.
  • Genetics: Genes not only influence breast size but also play a key role in determining the strength of the ligaments, skin elasticity and breast tissue density.
  • Weight Fluctuations: Significant weight gain or loss, especially quickly, can cause unnecessary stretching of the breasts.
  • Smoking: Smoking causes the skin to lose elasticity, as the carcinogens in cigarette smoke causes the fibers responsible for skin elasticity throughout the bodyto break down. Smokers are more prone to saggy breasts.
  • Multiple Pregnancies: Generally, pregnancy causes the breasts to grow in size. However, after delivery or breastfeeding, the breasts begin to shrink again, but may not return to their original shape. Multiple pregnancies can make the breasts stretch out and cause more sagginess.
  • Aging: Sagging breasts is a natural process that accompanies aging, and is especially evident after menopause.
  • Exercise without proper support: Exercise is associated with a lot of breast movement. If you don’t wear a supportive bra while working out, it may put extra strain on the breast ligaments and lead to stretching of the ligaments and sagging.
  • Collagen and estrogen deficiency is another reason for breast sag.

Some of these causes of breast sag are not preventable. However, there are some steps you can take to prevent it from happening too soon and to maintain your appearance over time:

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Women with a higher body mass index (BMI) tend to have larger breasts than women with a lower a BMI. Larger breasts tend to sag sooner. Maintaining a healthy weight can help avoid the progression of unnecessary stretching which causes sagginess.
  • Exercise regularly: While women breasts don’t contain any muscle tissue, the pectoral muscles can also affect their appearance. Building up the pectoral muscles with strength training can help lift tissue and make the bust line appear perkier. Maintaining good back and core strength can also improve posture and improve your appearance.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking affects the skin’s elasticity. Quit as soon as possible to stop damage.
  • Sleep on your back: When you lie on your side, your breasts are pulled by gravity, which may stress ligaments. Lying on your back may help reduce stress on the ligaments and connective tissue. Moreover, when you lie on your back, your breasts are supported by your chest.
  • Wear a good supportive bra: One way to prevent the ligaments from stretching is to wear a good supportive bra, preferably without the underwires, round the clock. This will give the ligaments the right support and help prevent sagging.

Today, many women have breast lift in NYC to address sagginess. The procedure involves removing extra skin and tightening the surrounding tissues and reshaping the breasts. NYC plastic surgeons also use advanced techniques such as BodyTite to provide a scarless breast lift. Women who want their breasts to look fuller and bigger as well as correct sagging issues can consider a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation surgery.

Having your breast lift or breast augmentation in New York City done by skilled surgeon is important. So find an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practices with surgeons who are experts in the procedures. In such practices, you can expect the physicians to use 3D imaging in the consultation, which will allow you to preview the results and take an informed decision.