Survey finds British Women Tend to Have Cosmetic Surgery at 44

Cosmetic SurgeryStudies are conducted from time to time to understand the psyche of potential plastic surgery candidates. One such study by a U.K. research team found that British women are most likely to consider having cosmetic surgical procedures when they are around 44 years old. Let’s take a look at the interesting findings of the study which were reported by MailOnline.

  • More than a quarter of British women (29%) are unhappy with the way they look.
  • Most women go under the knife to look more attractive and not younger.
  • Tummy tuck was named the most by 32 per cent, making it the most popular cosmetic enhancement.
  • As their objective is to look attractive and not younger, women in their early middle age opt for subtle enhancements.
  • About 72 per cent desired only minor improvements that will not be too obvious.
  • Only six per cent wanted major cosmetic changes or an image makeover.
  • The breasts were a major concern and two in five women revealed that they were unhappy with their cleavage.
  • About 61 per cent were more inclined to go in for subtle enhancements to maintain a youthful appearance.
  • Most did not want lip augmentation, with 37% saying their feared a botch up.
  • About half (42 per cent) said they wouldn’t tell their friends or family they had a job done.

The study also found that women are now less influenced by celebrity trends, with the media showcasing images of “overdone” jobs. It’s obvious that what this older group of consumers wants is simply to look good at their age and make long-standing and natural looking body changes.

A Daily News article published in February this year elucidated on cosmetic surgery trends in the U.S. A survey of 5,053 American women found that a staggering 85 percent of 55 to 64-year-olds said they are unhappy about “at least one” body part. It also found that young women, especially 25-34 year olds (86 percent) are most likely to seek help to change a body part, with 40 percent likely to pursue surgery. It is to meet such demand that established plastic surgery practices in New York City offer customized cosmetic surgical procedures for women.