What a Brazilian Butt Lift Involves

Brazilian Butt LiftA round, firm, curvy derriere is what most women would love to have. However, diet and exercise can do very little to shape up this area. That’s why many women looking to enhance butt size and contour opt to have cosmetic surgery to achieve the desired results. While butt implants are still around, another procedure that uses the woman’s own fat to achieve the desired results is hogging the limelight – the Brazilian butt lift. While avoiding the complications associated with artificial implants, this procedure helps you achieve an attractive shape naturally. An added advantage is that it improves the contour of the site from where the fat is taken.

Let’s look at what exactly the popular fat transfer buttock augmentation procedure involves:

  • As your own excess fat from other areas is used to firm, shape and tone the buttock, the plastic surgeon will first determine if you are a suitable candidate by identifying a donor site, that is, a suitable area with unwanted fat. The common areas for fat extraction include the thighs, belly, arms or thighs.
  • The next step is the fat extraction process via liposuction. In established practices, plastic surgeons use minimally-invasive techniques such as ultrasound-assisted Vaser, laser-assisted Smartlipo, or radio frequency assisted BodyTite to remove the fat. The modalities are designed to target and liquefy the fat cells gently, making them easier to remove. Pain and surgical trauma are minimal.
  • The removed fat is then processed and purified to make it eligible for the fat injections.
  • Based on the degree of enhancement needed, the fat is injected into the buttocks at specific sites and depths to enhance size and shape.

Surgeon’s Knowledge, Experience and Skill Paramount to Success

One of the best places to have this procedure is in New York City. Choose an established AAAASF-accredited NYC plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are specialized in this procedure. The right surgeon will have the knowledge, experience and skill to provide optimal results. In fact, placing the injections appropriately is a task that requires skill and artistic vision. Moreover, an experienced surgeon would perform liposuction of the waist, love handles and the outer thighs to emphasize the curves, which would frame the buttocks better and provide the back with a beautiful S-shape. Expert NYC plastic surgeons work with advanced imaging technology to ensure accurate placement of the desired volume of fat.