What to Consider When Planning a Plastic Surgery Procedure during the Flu Season

Plastic Surgery ProcedureBreast augmentation, facelift, liposuction and coolsculpting are among the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in NYC. The time you schedule your long awaited plastic surgery procedure may happen to coincide with the flu season. Unfortunately, the flu and common cold can have an impact on the scheduled procedures and so those considering any procedure during the period may have related concerns.

Here we consider some of the most common concerns and the best possible solutions.

  • One of the common questions is whether to cancel the procedure if you catch a cold. Generally speaking, it is advisable to reschedule it to a later period. If you presently have cold, the chances of postoperative complications are more and a smooth recovery may be tough. However, you can discuss your case individually with your surgeon and make a better decision.
  • You may be worried if any of your family members have flu. You don’t need to reschedule the procedure just because your family member suffers from the illness. If you don’t have any symptoms, check with your surgeon and go forward with the treatment. However, you should be careful to minimize your contact with the sick family member post operatively.
  • Another thing is whether the practice would charge a cancellation fee in case you reschedule the treatment. This actually depends on the practice you approached for the treatment. An established practice would always give importance to the patient’s health and well-being rather than the financial aspects.
  • There can be cases when you get the infection after you schedule the procedure. In this case your recovery may not be that pleasant as expected. When you have procedures involving muscles such as breast augmentation, the coughing would make the recovery phase hard. You may take medications to improve the condition. The surgeon will recommend the best option depending on your actual condition.
  • Some people worry whether having a plastic surgery procedure during the season increases their chances of getting the flu. However, having a procedure does not change your susceptibility to the flu or cold in any way.

The best thing you can do is to prevent the chances of getting infected from the seasonal illness. For that you have to be careful enough to keep yourself clean all the time and minimize exposure to affected people. Get good sleep and eat a well balanced diet and keep yourself healthy. Once your procedure is scheduled, the best idea is to take extra precautions in whatever you do to make the phase comfortable.

Get the service of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon in NYC for your desired cosmetic procedure. Benefit from a good consultation experience and discuss all your concerns with the surgeon. Obtain relevant advice to have a safe and relaxed treatment experience.