What you Need to Know about Body Contouring Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons who offer body contouring in NYC offer a wide range of procedures to help men and women achieve a sleek, well-shaped figure. The tummy, thighs, arms or buttocks are common areas for body sculpting. If you are considering a cosmetic surgical procedure to get rid of unwanted fat or tighten a certain area, you need to know what it can involve and what your options are. It’s also important to have a realistic outlook about what surgery can accomplish.

Body Contouring SurgeryTrained cosmetic surgeons utilize advanced technologies and techniques to reshape the body. Body contouring is an ideal option when stubborn fat pockets refuse to go way with diet and exercises. It involves removing fat and excess skin or tightening the skin, and re-contouring the body. Popular treatments include liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast lift. People who have undergone massive weight or bariatric surgery may have a body contouring procedure to remove extra skin or to achieve the shape they want.

Men and women looking to get a trimmer, well-shaped abdomen or waist, can consider a tummy tuck in NYC. Also known as abdominoplasty, the procedure removes excess fat and corrects a protruding, sagging, and loose abdomen. Based on the correction required, NYC plastic surgeons offer multiple options such as mini tummy tuck, complete tummy tuck, and liposuction-only abdominoplasty. The procedure can fix a pot belly, stretched abdominal regions, and droopy skin as a consequence of single or multiple deliveries in women and laxity caused by significant weight loss.

If your targeted area is the buttocks, hips or thighs, procedures like liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, and thigh lift can help. Liposuction can remove excess fat from problem areas. Women seeking a curvaceous butt can consider Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC. For those who have lost a lot of weight and have flabby skin in thigh area, a thigh lift is the right option to improve skin laxity. This procedure also resolves chafing in the thigh area which is a major problem among many women. An arm lift addresses excess fat and skin in the upper arms and results in slimmer, shapely arms.

You should know that not everyone is a good candidate for body contouring treatment. To be a good candidate, you have to be fit and have good skin elasticity. In addition to correcting all your nutritional deficiencies, you need to stabilize your weight before you go for a body contouring procedure. It’s also important to have realistic expectations. Each procedure has different recovery times and moreover, each patient heals differently with varying results.

If you are considering body contouring in NYC, find an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practice with skilled plastic surgeons who can handle the treatment safely and efficiently. Planning your surgery with care can help optimize outcomes and make the recovery process smoother.