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Will the Muscles Grow after Pec Implant Placement?

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Pec Implant PlacementNYC plastic surgery practices offer pectoral implants for men which are a great option when even hours of body building exercises cannot provide the desired well-defined chest. The procedure can address conditions such as an underdeveloped chest, asymmetrical development of the chest muscles, or lack of muscle type which helps chest enlargement with exercise. It is popular among men with genetic and physical flaws as well as among bodybuilders. However, many men who consider getting pec implants ask their physician if it will affect muscle growth.

Expert surgeons say that, in most cases, men can continue to increase their pectoralis muscle after pectoral augmentation. These implants are placed under the muscle generally from the armpit area. The muscle is not damaged, cut or divided. So the muscle will continue to grow with regular exercises and workouts. Most surgeons allow patients to do light, no impact, exercises about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery while some may allow this even earlier. There is no general rule about when exactly you can resume your chest workout – surgeons’ opinions may differ based on individual cases.

However, after the treatment, it’s important that you give your body ample time to heal. Just like it does with any other foreign particles, the body will surround the implants with layers of collagen. This holds the implant in position. It is important to rest the chest area so that it can heal around the implants and hold them snuggly in position.

The pectoral implant procedure augments the projection and bulk of the pectorals, bringing about a more well-developed physique. A qualified plastic surgeon can tell you if you are a good candidate for the treatment. If you are, you can expect a customized pec augmentation procedure with attractive results that boost your confidence.

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