Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Are you looking to resolve excess abdominal fat and sagging? At our leading plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York (NYC), we help men and women achieve a trim, well-shaped abdomen with customized tummy tuck treatment. Different from traditional tummy tucks that cause scars high up above the waist and give you a square look, we offer an innovative approach called the Brazilian tummy tuck which offers many additional benefits in terms of outcome, efficiency, and downtime.

The treatment involves removing excess fat and skin as well as firming the abdominal muscles.

Unique Benefits of the Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Our surgeons utilize advanced, minimally-invasive liposuction modalities such as ultrasound-assisted VaserLipo, radiofrequency-assisted BodyTite and laser-assisted SmartLipo Triplex to perform this body contouring procedure which offers many unique benefits:

  • The scar is very low on the pubic area allowing you to wear a low cut bikini
  • The treatment pulls the waist in and gets rid of excess skin, thus offering a smaller looking waist. Combined with laser lipo of the waist, the treatment has an even bigger effect on making the waist smaller
  • It also helps pull up the pubic area that tends to drop with age and pregnancy, thereby rejuvenating the inner thighs and pubis
  • Brazilian tummy tuck can reduce and even eliminate the bouts of incontinence that occur after pregnancy
  • Downtime is just 10 days

Post-surgical Pain Relief with ON-Q PainBuster®

We make use of the ON-Q PainBuster® pain relief system to help you recover quickly from tummy tuck surgery. The pump delivers local anesthetic continuously to the treatment site so that there is no pain for the first five days. The use of this non-narcotic automatic pump significantly reduces downtime from two weeks to 10 days, improves mobility, and speeds up return to normalcy.

With its many benefits, the Brazilian tummy tuck is clearly the body contouring procedure of choice for today’s woman. If you want to know more about the novel treatment, use our virtual consultation facility or call 1-800-282-7285. E-mail queries can be sent to