Composite Breast Augmentation

Composite breast augmentation, also called LipoImplant Augmentation is performed at bodySCULPT® in Manhattan, NYC. This procedure adds a new dimension to the breast augmentation surgery, providing an overall softer and more natural look for the breasts.

An implant procedure alone for breast augmentation may not always give the desired natural appearance and feel despite an attractive bust line. These limitations can be addressed by performing composite breast augmentation – a more versatile approach that utilizes the best of both fat transfer and breast implants.

What the Procedure Involves

The procedure steps are as follows:

  • Spinning the excess fat removed through liposuction in the FDA-approved Adivive machine that significantly improves fat survival
  • Placing the implants under the pectoralis muscle to enhance the volume
  • Injecting the harvested fat cells over the muscle and implant and molding to give a softer and more natural look

Benefits of Lipoimplant Augmentation

Implants may create an unnatural appearance for women without enough breast tissue. Fat grafting helps with concealing the implant or adjusting the size and shape to resolve imperfections if any and improving the results.

This combination procedure is a great option to:

  • Correct deformities if any
  • Address the shape of tuberous breasts
  • Enhance breast symmetry
  • Increase fullness in the upper portion

For women who previously had enlargement procedure with implants, fat injections are really helpful as maintenance touch-ups even years after the surgery.

Composite Breast Augmentation with or without Brazilian Butt Lift

Our plastic surgeons also offer a comprehensive procedure which is a combination of Brazilian Butt Lift with body sculpting and fat placement over breast implants. The treatment involves removing fat from the waist and other parts of the body, and placing it in the buttocks to achieve a Brazilian butt and also using the same fat to provide perkier breasts with a more natural look. Just one cosmetic surgery procedure can make your buttocks firmer and shapelier, your waist smaller, and your breasts perkier and larger.

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During your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will examine you and understand your aesthetic goals and the enhancement required to create a customized treatment plan. We use advanced 3D imaging technologies to communicate the outcome of the treatment to patients. Women can also use this option to discuss any improvements required and confidently take a decision.

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