Arm Lift – Question and Answer

rodriguezandrea | Venezuela, VE | 6 months ago

i got a arm lift about a year ago, and the scars got really red, big and wide. i’d try almost every cream but it dosent work. Im thinking about getting a second operation to fix this one what dou you think. it was me that didnt heal well or was the surgeon? (sorry for my bad grammar)

Doctors Answer
January 21st, 2015

Scars are noticeable because they 1) are a different color (redder or darker) than the surrounding skin, 2) have a texture change such as roughness or bumpiness or 3) are raised or depressed so that they cast shadows making them more visible. Scars generally get better after a year, but, if they persist, can be improved by targeting these qualities. There are numerous non-surgical techniques which should be approached first and include lasers which may help the redness and surface irregularities. Scar revision is usually a last resort after all other options are exhausted. Scar management is something that you should discuss with your aesthetic surgeon and good luck with your brachioplasty as it continues to remodel.

Fearnoevil | Miami, FL | 1 year ago

Would anyone be interested in allowing me to be a pro bono patient I once weighed 315 now I weigh 160 lost the pounds over 15 year can’t get rid of the flab its depressing…if anyone can help in anyway maybe discounted rate, financing, please

Doctors Answer
January 22nd, 2015

Congratulations on successfully losing the weight and I hope you experience the many health benefits that follow. There are many academic centers throughout the country which train plastic surgeons through residencies and fellowships. These programs have cosmetic surgery clinics where these surgeons-in-training evaluate, operate and follow up with patients who are candidates for procedures such as the arm lift. These cases are overseen by practicing surgeons as part of their academic requirements and the operations are discounted heavily if compared to the fees of private practices. I would recommend scheduling a consultation so that you may be fully informed of your choices as many patients have good experiences in this setting.