Male Tummy Tuck – Question and Answer

deepsons | South Africa, ZA | 5 months ago

i had my ( male ) tummy tuck 6 weeks ago . i have a hard line above my cut / scar line which makes the tummy not look flat anymore but more like a bump above the cut line . my p.s says its induration. can some explain more to me about this and how long will it take to go away ? is there anything i can do to help speed up the process to make it go away? i am in no pain or no discomfort from it at all . will it hamper my results? please help and many thanks

Doctors Answer
February 26th, 2015

Induration at and around the incision is normal following any surgery where large amounts of skin are removed and usually resolves on its own in a few months. The method of suturing, skin type, skin thickness, associated surrounding fat and swelling all may affect how long it takes. Gentle massage is helpful and the key is to do it consistently. Your PS may also have non-invasive devices which use energy such as lasers, ultrasound or radio frequency to help it progress a bit more quickly. The good news is that it almost always resolves on its own and has no direct effect on the outcome. Good luck.