Mommy Makeover – Question and Answer

Ajmc | Nj, NJ | 5 months ago

Both breast, have both been red since the surgery. The redness is contained to the breast area no migration to chest wall. No temp, minimal soreness very mild, no drainage. I just finished course of cipro for 10 days, 3 days ago. That was prescribed for the aspiration of a seroma at my tummy tuck. Surgery was 1-16-15. My doctor has been great but I am in another state, waiting for a call back after I emailed pics. I am worried it is breast infection that would lead to removal of implants.

Doctors Answer
February 24th, 2015

It is not possible to determine the cause of your symptoms from the photographs and your surgeon knows your situation best. However, if he or she is out of state, there may be a colleague whom they trust to evaluate you if assessing your situation remotely is not enough. While this may not apply to your situation, an infection or fluid collection in the breasts should be ruled out as soon as possible and this requires an in-person evaluation.