Female Butt Augmentation

36, 3 Kids, and Wanted and Needed my Sexy Back - New York


robinnpaigeex3 | 3 months ago

Unlike many other offices where they have consultants speak to you Dr. Chia actually sat down with me and spoke to me and made sure that I understood every procedure that was going to be done and the before during and after care. Due to a skin condition that I have, my skin keloids. I wanted to get many other procedures done and he told me he would not do them because his job was to ensure that I looked good, not just do the surgery and get his money. That statement amongst many other things spoken about convinced me that Dr. Chia was genuine and passionate about his work and he was the one ! Once the procedure was done he explained everything to my 20 year old daughter who accompanied me and set up a follow up appointment. I couldn’t be happier w. My results ! Thank you so much Dr. Chia.