Complete Assistance for Liposuction Patients from Saudi Arabia

With the increased interest in liposuction surgery in Saudi Arabia, more and more people there are seeking this body contouring procedure for a more well-defined and healthy physique. bodySCULPT® provides the finest liposuction treatment for Saudi Arabia patients. We are Cynosure’s exclusive Smartlipo training center in Manhattan.

Consider undergoing liposuction surgery at our practice in Manhattan, New York City, and return to your home town rejuvenated and refreshed! Many patients from the Middle East have found our care and state-of-the-art techniques well worth the trip.

Our physicians have traveled in Saudi and understand the culture and customs of the people in Riyadh and other locations in Saudi Arabia. So they can provide all the assistance you need to feel comfortable with your travel and stay here. Over the years, we have successfully provided a number of liposuction procedures for people in Saudi Arabia, and helped them achieve excellent body contouring results.

Patients from Saudi Arabia

Conveniently located between Jumeirah Essex House and the Ritz-Carlton in New York, our plastic surgery practice is easily accessible. We are here to guide you at every step, from scheduling appointments, arranging accommodation facilities and financing options, to pre and post operative recovery stage. You can fly-in alone or with your loved ones and we will walk you through a process that will ensure complete care and a comfortable, pleasant experience. We have people who speak Arabic; we can respond in that language if our guests encounter any problems.

To contact our International Patient Coordinator Markella Arch, call +212 265 2724. Our virtual consultation service saves you precious time that you would otherwise spend traveling and re-arranging your schedule.

Different Liposuction Techniques for Body Contouring

We employ different liposuction techniques to provide safer and more comfortable treatments. Our physicians can recommend the appropriate liposuction treatment option to traveling patients from Saudi Arabia. They utilize advanced body sculpting workstations such as:

These liposuction devices offer patients minimally invasive body contouring with faster healing and minimal downtime.

Areas Treated

Removing fat from various parts of the body is easy using these devices. The excess fat can be removed from the targeted areas, effectively and safely.

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Chin/cheeks/jowls
  • Hips and waist
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees
  • Legs/calves/ankles

When you come for your initial appointment at our NYC practice, our surgeons will examine you, discuss your aesthetic goals and recommend the most appropriate method. Our plastic surgery practice is equipped with the advanced imaging facilities such as Axis Three 3D and VECTRA 3D, which facilitate you to visualize results in 3D before the surgery.

To schedule an appointment, liposuction patients flying in from Saudi Arabia can call our office now at 1-800-282-7285.