BodyTite Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction targets excess skin and fat in the upper arms.

bodySCULPT® provides a safe and effective liposuction option – ArmTite or the scarless female arm lift with BodyTite. Our skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia, are the inventors of BodyTite on Arms. The procedure removes excess fat and loose skin and shapes, sculpts and tones the upper arms – without incisions, pain, or scars.

BodyTite uses advanced radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to liquefy subcutaneous fat and easily remove it. The procedure also coagulates the blood vessels and tightens the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

Check out the video of our bodySCULPT® surgeon Dr. Christopher Chia performing BodyTite arm liposuction on a healthy 31-year-old woman.

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